meet your guides


Lana Sheppard

At the intersection of two worlds lies untapped potential and possibility.

Lana has a passion for learning and personal growth which has led her to working with John DeMartini, Tony Robbins, and Mary Morrissey.  However knowledge is only potential power, which led to the birth of BizAcademi to revolutionize how business owners build a business that creates meaning, fulfillment and freedom.

Lana brings 12 years of experience in business ownership and operation experience, and runs an organization that serves 570 small business owners.  Lana's capability of directing focus, connecting people to their vision and reminding them of the business they are really in becomes a force field of good.  She leads by example and helps business owners move beyond their conditioned limitations and into their greatest human asset, their emotional resourcefulness.  As a result, creativity, commitment, determination, connection, vision, compassion and certainty radiates, empowers, and penetrates the entrepreneurial spirit of all she is honoured to guide.


Linda Prafke

You need to have two things in life to succeed. Ignorance and confidence - Mark Twain

Linda Prafke is a passionate educator, a highly sought after business coach and a Certified Management Consultant. Prior to launching her own company, Linda spent 11 years as a Senior Administrator for non-profit corporations, managing teams that ranged from 5 to 32 people. Since 1990, she has provided consulting services to individuals and organizations in both public and private sectors. Facilitating since 1999, she has offered specialized training in the field of entrepreneurship, to which she brings both theoretical and first-hand knowledge.

She has experience working in various industries ranging from retail, the trades, tourism, transport, beauty, to forestry.  Her expertise includes services related to strategic planning, business planning and coaching, feasibility studies, business turnaround plans, training and evaluation.