3 things that keep me moving forward

What 3 things keep me going?

1.       I have faith, in the Creator, in my family and my fellow humans. Whenever I feel like I am dragging it, which we all do, I will get a call or message or a feeling of direction … and I can keep going

2.       I have an incredible thirst for knowledge, not just in business, but in history, food, other countries… this thirst keeps me going

3.       I have a desire to help others succeed in business and in life and so ……. I keep going

Marketers who have helped me

I was asked recently what books/blogs on Marketing would I suggest for people starting out in business. I’m not a marketing major but I have been a student on a quest to learn as much as I can about marketing since my business was just an Idea.

Don’t just sit there blue skying - Market your business!

Don’t just sit there blue skying - Market your business!

The first author is Seth Godin – I was first introduced to him in my early years in business and read a book he coauthored with Jay Levison, “The Guerrilla Marketing Handbook”. From there, I went on to read as many of his insights as possible, he is straight forward and easy to read and has a great blog as well.

The second is Roy Williams – “The wizard of Ads”, I have had the privilege of hearing him live twice, both incredible experiences. His trilogy of marketing should be on everyone’s reading list.  He co-authored a book called “Pendulum- How past generations shape our future” is a must-read to ensure you are messaging properly to your consumer in either a “me” or “we” generation.

Check it out an excerpt on “Pendulum” on You tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrAm1Q871U8

I subscribe to the “Monday Morning Memo” and every Monday morning, Roy teaches me something new!

The third is, anyone I can trust and understand on Social Media Marketing!

A couple that I follow are Brandi Good  https://www.blgbusinesssolutions.com/, a Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and for online support Louise Henry at  https://www.solopreneursidekick.com/


So, who are your go to authors or bloggers for marketing intelligence? I would love to hear your recommendations, I am always on a learning quest!