The Law of Attraction: your thoughts become things

Change your thoughts…..Change your Results

Change your thoughts…..Change your Results

We are where we are because of what we have thought about in the past.  Thoughts become things.  We are consciously or subconsciously always thinking about something.  It’s the little voice in our head that’s constantly chattering away at us. 

My challenge to everyone that is reading this blog…. observe and track your thoughts for a day or two.  How do you talk to yourself?  Do you speak kindly to yourself or do you knock yourself down with words? Do you mostly think about whatever worries you?  Do you think about happy, wonderful things? Would you allow another person to talk to you the way you talk to yourself? 

If you mostly think negative thoughts, you will attract more negative things in your life.  If you think pleasant, happy thoughts, then you will attract a pleasant, happy future

Think of it like watching TV or listening to a radio station, if you don’t like what you are hearing or watching, you change the channel. You tune in to something that you love!    We have the same option with our thoughts…if we aren’t happy with what we are thinking (or saying to ourselves via that little inside voice) then we can switch the channel.  Tuning into your favorite channel is the way to align your thoughts with your dream.

Every human on earth is energy, we are like magnets.   Everything is energy; you, your mind; your body.  We have different vibration frequencies that we transmit.   When we are at a vibration frequency of lacking, poverty or thinking negatively, we will attract this.   Instead of thinking lacking or poverty, think about abundance and wealth.   If you are living a life of sickness and always worried about your well being and health, change your thoughts to one of health and vitality.

 As the old saying goes “Fake it until you make it”.    With just that shift in attitude and what you are thinking, you will notice a shift and change.   By taking control of your thoughts to create a happy future, you will get what you want in life!

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