“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”  THEODORE ROOSEVELT

One decision can change the entire path of a life.

For me, I struggled daily with making decisions, even the simple ones like what to order off a menu, what movie to watch.   How many times have you been faced with a decision, and then turn and ask a friend or spouse what THEY thought?

The truth being, you were born to be an effective decision-maker, but you have been conditioned to look outside of yourself for answers, rather than within

Many of us have never really been properly taught how to make decisions.  Our parents have made decisions for us (often decreasing our confidence in our own ability to make good decisions).  Many of us have relied on others to make decisions, what someone else thinks or loves.  Unfortunately, your results from that decision were not  authentically yours.

You have to make decisions based on what YOU would love (not what you think you SHOULD love) and definitely not what someone else thinks you should do!

You will know you’ve made the right decision when you are in love with your vision and there is good in it for you and others.  The answers are already in your mind and you’ve been listening to your intuition.   Your intuition is the ability to know or understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning.

Sometimes when you are at a point of “I don’t know what to do” ….you actually do know what to do – you need to be still and listen to your intuition.   Maybe your old thought patterns are rising up and causing you to doubt yourself.   Your “monkey mind” is making you question “How am I going to make this happen?  I don’t have the money to do this, I don’t have the time, I’m not smart enough”  Then you get stuck!

Remind yourself…. You are greater than any condition or circumstance facing you!    Taking it one step at a time, visualizing your goal and then make the decision to achieve it.    You don’t have to have the entire solution, and all the answers.    The beautiful thing about being decisive, is that once you make that decision – often ideas on how to make it all happen will come to you when you least expect it!  You will get help from the Universe toward your goal or vision once you commit with your own decision.  

If you don't like your current results, change is just one decision away, but you must commit now and not wait until the "time is right"....