3 Traits of a Successful Decision Maker

“Successful people make decisions quickly and firmly.  Unsuccessful people make decisions slowly, and they change them often”   NAPOLEON HILL

Same Old Thinking……..creates Same Old Results

Same Old Thinking……..creates Same Old Results

There are three traits of a good decision maker and by following and adapting these into your day to day routine, you can do the same thing.

There’s no secret to decision making –  it’s made in an instant.  Becoming more decisive starts with choosing what you absolutely love over any circumstance that you might face.  By emulating the traits of a strong decision maker, you can become one.


You can’t out perform your own self-image.   Why is it important?  Self Image is your own perception of the type of person that you are.   This is a product of all of your past experiences – whether this be successes or failures, and the way people treat you.         If you discover this needs to be changed, this can be done!  You can install a new self image by  visioning and creating the person you want to be and practicing this everyday in every way.  Imagine being a strong decision maker – how you are  act?  How would you dress? How would you interact with people? What would you be doing?   

Changing your self image begins in your mind – it’s not on the outside.  


What you think about is what you become.   Everything has an invisible side to it and your thoughts control every decision that you make.    When you add feeling or emotions to your thoughts,  that’s when they are given substance.   Any feeling that is added to a thought comes from either love or fear.     Fear based thoughts  include anger, frustration, and are constricting thoughts.    Love based include gratitude or happiness, and are expansive thoughts.    Proficient thinkers  choose expansive thoughts over constrictive thoughts.  What you think about or focus on most, will get the most attention and will become your reality.  


 Mistakes or failures are considered to be growth in the minds of a good decision maker.   When these events happen, a successful decision maker with evaluate, make changes, but will keep their goal the same.

As said by Robert Allen, “There is no failure.  Only Feedback!  It is important to be willing to be re-directed without losing our balance”

It takes just the same amount of time to fail as it does to succeed.  You can decide to succeed.  Every success has resulted because of a decisive mind.  Those that are successful are using the same kind of mind that you have, they are just using it differently to get the results that they want.


What are some of the ways you can utilize these three traits to become a successful Decision Maker?