The exceptional entrepreneur

Building a successful business requires a strong foundation.

We’ve designed a course that helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

The team at BizAcademi has a lot of experience with entrepreneurs at all stages of business development and management, and we’ve noticed that there are more than a few common pain points that are shared by our clients. We’ve taken our clients’ concerns to heart, gathered the information that they are lacking, and put it all in one place - this course. The Exceptional Entrepreneur provides information that is essential for successful businesses, and is taught by knowledgeable business owners and operators with many years of experience.

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What makes an entrepreneur exceptional?

Let’s face it - entrepreneurs are great to begin with. They are willing to put an idea into action, and work long hours to achieve their goals. They are passionate about their business, and are willing to invest their time and financial resources to help it succeed.

But an exceptional entrepreneur asks questions from their peers and experienced professionals to ensure that their business is being managed in the most efficient way possible. They learn effective strategies that support successful business development over a shorter period of time. They are able to identify unnecessary expenses and eliminate them, saving time, money, and undue stress. They can utilize their knowledge to make informed decisions and quickly adapt to situations. All this time, they are capitalizing on opportunity and allowing their business to grow.

This sounds like a lot of work — but in reality, all you need are efficient strategies and some solid business advice. That’s where we come in.

We’ve designed a course that helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Our course is entrepreneurs in all stages of business ownership. Facilitated by knowledgeable business owners with years of business experience, The Exceptional Entrepreneur holds the answers to frequently asked questions in business and provides detailed information on how to successfully implement strategies that encourage business growth. We provide lessons on how to create, plan, and integrate important components required for successful businesses. Additionally, the program takes a holistic approach to business development by considering how personal development and business growth are connected and teaching participants how to maximize business potential while simultaneously enhancing their lives.

five in-class sessions

ten group coaching calls

forty total hours

We cover a lot of stuff in this course.

Like, a lot.

Creative Thinking

Learn how to embrace creativity and implement your new, creative ideas.

Gain new tools

Our experienced instructors will show you how to successfully integrate important components that are essential for business success.

Money Management

A comprehensive how-to guide on bookkeeping, budgeting, and becoming more financially literate — in plain English.

better strategies

Create actionable plans that optimize your business; create effective strategies that cut down on time and reduce costs.


Learn how to tell your story, the importance of social platforms, and create a 12-month marketing strategy.

Personal Development

Connect with one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship: the individual behind the business

(that’s you).

And much more!

Take yourself to the next level of entrepreneurship.
Our next course starts April 23, 2019.


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Facilitators and Coaches


Lana Sheppard

Specializing in financial literacy and business growth strategies, Lana’s clients come from all industries but with one common desire: to acquire the skills and knowledge that move companies forward.


linda prafke

As a long-time business consultant, Linda’s passion is to work with those who want to become entrepreneurs and those who are entrepreneurs but want to enhance their business.

Bring your business vision to life.