Your company needs a website.

The Age of Information is in full swing, and everyone is clamouring to get attention. Establishing an online presence allows potential customers to easily locate, learn about, and connect with you, your business, and the products or services you offer.

As website design quickly rose to become a necessity in business, so did its cost, making it difficult for small businesses to obtain an online presence of their own, no matter how small.

We provide a small website design package to small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to establish an online presence or update their current website, but don’t want to break the bank to do so.


custom made

Our custom-made websites are created with your business in mind; each one is a reflection of that business’s brand identity, resulting in a simple website that reflects your business’s unique style.


We provide a number of add-ons that help you create the type of presence you wish to establish. Among others, we provide social media account creation, optimization, specialized tutorials, and graphics templates or custom creations.


one-on-one training

Our package includes one-on-one training that shows you how to use, change, update, and maintain your website.

Above all, we understand the value of your time and aim to provide quality service to our customers, and provide them with a custom package that is reflective of their needs and gives them a valuable product that fits within their budget. We work with each individual company to create a website that is simple yet reflective of their brand, modern yet content-rich, well designed yet easily navigable, and is valuable yet affordable.